Austin Ballard

WAVEFORM, Hudson D. Walker Gallery, 2017

Field Fold (Cardinal over Black and White Melange), 2017

WAVEFORM, Hudson D. Walker Gallery, 2017

WAVEFORM, Hudson D. Walker Gallery, 2017

Dappled Dune 10 (Yellow and Black on Traditional Black Fade), 2017

Dappled Dune 6 (Black and White on Traditional), 23″x24″x20″, 2017

Dappled Dune 7 (Black and White on Traditional), 23″x20″x19″, 2017

Dappled Dune 8 (Deep Violet), 26″x21″x17″, 2017

Dappled Dune 9 (Mud Yellow and Blossoms on Traditional), 26″x32″x26″, 2017

T Fret with Sage on Fluorescent Fade, 35″x24″x3″, 2017 / Meander with Sage and Marigold Fade, 35″x24″x3″, 2017

Square Wave on Traditional, 35″x24″x3″, 2017

Dappled Dune 2 (Black and White on Traditional), 18″x18″x19″, 2016

Dappled Dune 3 (Black and White on Traditional), 26″x18″x18″, 2016

Dappled Dune 5 (Black, Grey and White on Traditional), 11″x8″x6″, 2016

Weighted Palm 2 (Tangerine Fade), 25″x15″x18″, 2016

Weighted Palm 3 (Desert Rose and Tangerine Fade), 31″x15″x15″, 2016

Concurrence, Rosemary Duffy Larson Gallery

The Indivisibles, Napoleon Gallery

Residency Exhibition, Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop